A Pruned Existence

Poster, postcard & tape design


© Darian Newman 2022

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Collateral suite for A Pruned Existence, a fictitious documentary about avocados in relation to the US / Mexico border crisis. The movie poster utilizes torn paper to represent the tearing apart of families. Intersecting outlines of the avocado provide a sense of amorphous borders. Further deconstructing the idea of borders, the text itself creates a border.

The poster’s visual language is as complex and jarring as its subject matter. A postcard serves as the ticket for the documentary. A yellow gradient is used on the postcard and a brown gradient on the poster, to represent the ripening process of the avocado.

The third item is a roll of barricade tape. On all three items the circular word mark “A Pruned Existence” is truncated by the item’s edge, suggesting a disruption of wholeness.

Completed at California College of the Arts.